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Just above Amsterdam you will find a beautiful area. The area is too big to see in one day, if you go by bike. A lot of tourists visit the main attractions just outside of Amsterdam, such as Volendam and the Zaanse Schans, by bus. When you take a bustour your time at the sightseeing places will depend on the tour schedule and the majority if the group. So sometimes you may not have much time to see what you want, because other people decide when you leave.

Fortunately that problem is over now! If you join the Scooter Experience and go by scooter, you decide what time you will start, how long you will visit the tourist attractions and when you will stop. You can make a reservation for a scooter and rent the scooter for the whole day (10am till 5:30pm). You choose one of the routes, all organized in the Waterland area, just above Amsterdam. Depending on how much time you would like to spend on sightseeing and drinks and which areas you’d prefer to visit, you can decide which route suits your wishes the best (see also Routes).

The scooters are very easy to operate and age is not important. We have some scooters available with backseats that are suitable for younger children. To rent a scooter you will need a (car) driving license. Our silent electric scooters can reach a maximum speed of 25-30  km per hour (20 miles) and are very easy to use, even if you don’t have any experience with scooters. All routes are clearly marked on the map and along the bike-track, so it won’t be difficult to find your way around. Specially with the new app (route.nl) , you will find easily your way.