De Scooter Experience has several routes through beautiful scenery, just above Amsterdam.  Two of them are going to the  Zaanse Schans, open-air museum of the windmills.  The other ones are going through the Waterland, which is famous, because of the tiny villages and cities such us Monnickendam, Marken or Volendam.

We got three categories (A,B or C). Category  A is about 40km. The category B routes are 50 kilometers.  The Waterland route (Category C) is the longest and has a distance of 75-80 kilometers.

The prices are based on the categories/distances,  so there is no need to rush. Regardless the category, the scooter is yours for the whole day (10am-5:30pm), no stress about returning time. The Scooter Experience is a relaxed activity, noiseless, with beautiful landscapes and plenty things to do or to see.

For more information about a route just click below on the image. We will provide you with a routemap (paper and digital) at our location, with details about the route you picked and the possible activities and suggestions for lunch and drinks stops during the route.

Mills Route (green) € 39,-

De Millsroute is going to the "Zaanse Schans" (nine windmills in a row)

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Monnickendam Route(yellow) €49,-

Monnickendam route (yellowl) takes the south part of the Waterland area and visit several old-Dutch villages.

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Twiske route (purple) €49,-

This route goes through natural parc 't Twiske, to the Zaanse Schans (windmill parc) and some nice villages

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Ilperveld route (orange) €39,-

Ilperveld route (orange) is the shortest, but a really nice one through Ilperveld (natural park)

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Volendam Route (blue) €49,-

Volendam route (blue) is about Volendam and goes through the north part of the Waterland.

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Waterland Route (red) €69,-

Waterland route (red) is a long route (start early) and combines the south and the north part of the Waterland, it is the yellow and the blue route together.

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